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 Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac

My recently released book about mayan calendar

If you are interested to get a Mayan Astrology reading,

knowing more about yourself or about your relationship,

contact me and read the text below.



Mayan calendar Chol Q'ij, which is called Calendar of Humanity/Calendar of Life has 260 days, which is divided to 20 Nawales (signs) and 13 numbers.


Each human being has a certain energy and number, that he or she carries. Through that knowledge, it is better to realise why you have come here, what are your skills, your mission in Earth and how to be the perfect particle of the whole.


Calendar could be seen as a code behind the creation, to understand what we consist of energetically. Through learning about ourselves and the number and Nawal we carry, we have possibility to rewrite the code, healing the pattern and improve our life.


When two or more people are together then the energy changes and through the Mayan calendar it is possible to see what is the energy between the couple, friends, family or with colleagues and learn how to improve it or understand the connection with each other more deeply.


I have been fascinated about Maya knowledge for 6 years and I learned the Mayan Astrology by a great Maya astrologer and daykeeper Mark Elmy. (  . 2023 I published book about Mayan calendar in my homeland Estonia and this year 2024 there will be a full length documentary Fire Speaks coming out that I have been creating with my team for the last 4 years. 


As I have been encouraged and inspired by the Mayan Astrology myself and now being learned about it and practicing and continually learning deeper about that, I wish to share it with you.


If you are interested of having your Mayan cross, Mayan Astrology reading done by me, contact me.



The energy exchange for the personal reading is 88 euros - it includes:

1) Your personal mayan chart in a video format where your personal chart is edited on the video.

2) Relationship chart ( with your friend or partner or family member) also it can be done with a year energy or country energy - to see your upcoming year or relationship with some specific country or homeland.

3) If you have any questions after you have seen the materials you can ask me questions through letter or 15 min consultation through skype or zoom) 

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