I know a magical trick
if I close my eyes and will make a pick
a vision of water in front of me
and I being lighthouse singing to the sea
the melody translates to light
my words bring back the sight
to see abyss, sea monsters and shore
giving willpower to dive to our deepest core
Lighting up my spine,
dissolving all that used to be mine
just bright, unified field
drop on the sea - becomes one conscious shield
and when I open my eyes
vision changes, but I remember the tides.
Now the waters are living in me
may my eyes become Lighthouse to the sea.


I see within
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk
Kairi Kivirähk

Kairi Kivirähk 



2017-2019 MA Tartu University Religion Anthropology

2018-2019 Thessaloniki University Religion anthropology  - Erasmus exchange

2016-2018 Medical Plants and Self Healing - School of Herbatics and Holistic Phytotheraphy

2015-2016 Erasmus internship programme in Amsterdam in theatre Voices of The City

2012-2015 BA Baltic Film and Media School  Audiovisual Media

2013 Portugal Film School Escola Superior Artistic do Porto - Erasmus exchange

2011-2012 Tartu University Semiotics

2008-2011 Tallinn 32. High School - drama class


2019 Documentary "Nowadays Mayas" MA project - director, editor, cinematographer

2017 Short sci-fi film by Nicola Piovesan "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses" - production assistant

2016 Travel documentaries with Gram media - co-participant, editor

2016 Short film by Anna Fentšenko  "Caring for sick" - 1 AD

2016 Short film by Regina Rähn "Fred" - producer

2016 Short film by Sten-Robert Pullerits "Meeleseisund" ("State of mind")- producer, 2AD

2016 Short film by Sander Koit "Astrid" - script editor

2015 Immersive Theatre Documentary "Commune" - director, editor

2015 Superhero short film by Ronet Tänav "Kivamees" ("Stoneman") - casting, script editor, 1AD

2015 MA graduation film by Aino M. Salmi "Fish in the Sea" - 1 AD

2014 Short sci-fi film by Nicola Piovesan "Deus in Machina" - producer

2014 Short film "Kaleidoscope" - director and writer

2014 Short film by Vytautas Tinteris "Nausea" - line producer

2014 Short film by Wang Him Yip "Silent Orchids" - producer

2013 Short Documentary "NUKU magic" - director, producer

2013 Short Documentary "Childer of Tunkashila" director

2012 Short Documentary "10 minutes younger" - director

2012-2013 TV- series by TV3 "Secrets" - actress

2011 TV-series by TV3 "Through the Sun" - actress

2011 TV-series by TV3 "Agency of Dreams" - actress

Work experience

2014-... KALEPHI OÜ - owner, director 

2014- 2021 Freelange casting director in Nafta Productions, Cuba Films, Propapanda productions

2017-2018 Tallinn 32. High School multimedia  and documentary studies teacher

2013-2016 cultural magazine Müürileht theatre journalist

2013-2015 Chaosmonger Studio producer and production assistant

2012-2013 Event Symphony - actress, organiser