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Inspired by the teachings by Samael Aun Weor

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Aleph, breathing in the air

Iod Vau Iod, infinite care

connecting the heavens, transforming the moon

four horses are singing sunny tune

White heron nods to the Atman who stands

patiently knitting the patterns to land

soon the carpet is ready to rise

like a snake towards the skies

The water in vase is pure and clean

sword sharp and shiny

together they awaken the seer

and they see how the stone will be shaped,

most beautiful sculpture, cube, 

the soul of the Great

Beth, the house of God

building the columns, we hear the applaud

connecting the black and white

we lift the veil so pure , so light

the tools we use are will and love

As below, so above

Oh mother, priestess bless our house

bring us wisdom, so we can rouse

we wish to create the place for needs

welcoming every soul, who looks the seed

to grow three Vaus and find the teaching

what brings happiness and mothers healing

Gimel, the innermost stability - the balance

How beautifully you create with your cosmic dance

Each turn is filled with stars and roses

The I's ignite, when you take poses

looking to your eyes, we see our own divinity

three brains become visible ion the Law of Trinity

As rooster stops the crowing,

snake leaves the garden

pig turn to dove and starts the job as warden

no my nor mine will get in the temple

The Empress, the Shiva will be our example

Our freedom of choice will be the Chastity

That path will take us next to the Majesty

Daleth, the door of the House

teaches how to become the king not the Faust

hot to swim and befriend with undines

work and chat with the gnomes in the mines

whisper and fly with the sylphs of the sky

start the fire and get the answer for Why?

From now on, starts the Magnus Opus

be aware, don't lose your focus

lets build the pyramids and guess sphinx's riddles

escape from Egypt and play four tones on fiddles

let the sound of sighs make us humble

so the wisdom can come and I's can tumble

Hei, the flaming pentagram, the womb

Anubis with the scales are waiting next to tomb

Look into your deeds, thoughts and emotions

they will take you over or drown you in the oceans

So listen closely your Inner Being

Then Hierophant lets you to feel the freeing

when mind stops feeling fear, reasoning, comparing

the seed in the womb starts growing, woman bearing

and soon another star appears from the dark

bringing happiness, serenity and joy with its spark

Vav, connecting Earth and heaven

being the spine for every letter

the star of David unveils the Demon of the Three

desire, mind and evil will to spill the seed

the time to cross the hands for our God

remember hide the left or you end up in the mud

the Word is fire, look into the flames

we are here to work on will, not for silly games

All zodiacs are twirling in the six

teaching union, the Love, the perfect mix

so don't look back, just go ahead

Divine in front, Medusa soon be dead

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Zayin, breathing the breath

magical powers in all its strength

Seven planets, metals and angels

Teach us their shadows, opposites, dangers

Our united sounds will transmute all the vices

philosophical stone appears after the great sacrifices

VITRIOL reveils the goal

rectify and work with your soul

comprehend the Pater Noster

then World will feel your care and foster

reveal and stop the Judas Iscariot

only then you can triumphantly ride your Chariot

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Chet, the motion of life, foundation of speech

the eight is justice, where we should reach

touching, yet not touching

means more than holding hands or cwtching

Wings of the Spirit are always open

walk through the ordeals and the egg will be broken

Resurrection will turn the Shatan to Light

seven churches will feel the Saint's flight

Holding the scales in position of Zen

through that you unleash the Lucifer again

The double cross on the wheel will spin

we leave the original sin, in order to win

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Teth, where the lead will change into gold

what happens when we descend into darkness - like told

Hermit will walk with the light in his hand

through the same gate he enters the promised land

to be lightning born from a cloud

we need to abandon envy, fear and being proud

the heart of the Earth, where the warriors rest

is for those who are ready for the utmost test

The sacred serpent can destroy or create

don't invert the nine or the spine will break

It's not only silence, transmuting the force

sacrifice will take you to the ultimate source

so let us burn into powdery ash

and rise like a phoenix, to bring the awakening flash

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Iod, action, reaction, foundation of touch

don't spin the fatal wheel too much

Samsara keeps Moonchildren coming back to Earth

better pass the Ordeal of Santuary and give yourself a birth

middle point between infinite and finite

the crown that inspires to take the highest flight

to experience all the dimensions

to remember epochs, what history book don't mention

Let's build the Arc and climb the seven hills

for that we need to control the elements and develop our will

The retribution, wheel of Fortune teaches us the Karma

Ten Sephiroths are bringing in front of us the plate of Dharma

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Kaph, opening the palm

persuading the lion to be calm

the strength is in the force of love

don't fight with violence with the boxing glove

Kindness is a more crushing force than anger

one day the lion will give our the dharma with clangor

Sharpen your eyes to see the Quetzal

Emerald feathers and movement so flexile

let the bird bring clairvoyance and knowledge to heal

Faith, willpower and ecstasy form the crown we humbly kneel

Observe the waves of the thought ocean

see where they come from

don't chase them, just face them

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Lamed, wisdom through the heart and brain

Objective reasoning is what we are here to gain

the crossed Man must join the triangle

great work is not made being single

twelve apostles are teaching the powers

to learn them we need to drag down the towers

bodies of seven, senses of five create twelve

no Daath is found in a mere book shelve 

control the desire through observing impressions

then fire burns down all future confessions

Joshua, Peter and Judas within

bring the apostolate, which makes all the initiates grin

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Mem, the ethereal water

not much difference between mort and mater

A state of health is just the slowest progress towards death

So be serene, conscious and attentive, while you take your breath

The highest visible expression of Mem is blood

better hurry up to become the Solar man before the flood

All manifested things shall pass away

Silver cord allows us to pass in and out of the doorway

Observe the four flows of the Eden

the ether of light, reflection, chemical and force of the semen

Be aware of imagination, thoughts and feelings

impulses and acts what change your dealings

Thirteen presents a man wields a scythe

and tells that immortally is not a myth


Nun, the fish in the water

asks you to realise that you're not the author

going with the flow is a mechanical action

Transmute, transform and become the Solar fraction

control the liquids and be the temperance

then appears fourth dimension entrance

There are all the angelic forces

mixing white and red elixir, ready for giving courses

how to jump to the hyperspace

how to recognise the animal face

so you can eliminate unclean fowls

and breath the Ruach Elohim through your nose


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Samech, Ouroboros holding the fire

from the darkness emerges the light, we admire

Lucifer, Satan, son of the dawn

Helps us to transform and become the white swan

what purpose does the knight have without the demon

conquer him though self-remembering, knowing each limen

Buddha said we become what we think

Neptune's staff becomes the most precious link

so clear the mind and steal the fire from devil

but remember Seth is controlling the sea level

the perfume of the rose is transmuted mud

light, life, fire wisdom carry the soul in your blood

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Ayin, the divine sight, the eye

42 judges of Karma won't stand a lie

Sixteenth is the tower of Babel

The Nimrad rules it, roaming on table

Become the man of Zohar, knowing the worlds

"Where am I? What I am doing?" should be repeated words

The initiate has to work with filial love

remembering the eightfold path guided by the dove

Choose the direct, don't spiral around

three levels of tower to know before raising from ground

One serpent hisses the eye open wide

another makes you fall asleep in your pride

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Pei, opening mouth to say the word

"Let there be light" can be heard

Radiant star brings the eternal youth

when you learn the science of Venus and absorb its truth

Never release the Jasmine flower drops

the pure love will gift you most valuable crops

The Dragon of Wisdom will open its wings

from the foam rises Aphrodite who sings

listen and prey, then the Lotus appear

Silver with gold together take away your fear

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Tzaddi, imagination, the Righteous one

deals with divine perception and father, mother, son

the light and darkness, two sides of the Moon

are companioned by whirlwind, introducing us the Doom

"To be or not to be" you ask

growing a living soul is the most important task

Every drop need to know the ocean

that's why Universe exists, so we can learn through devotion

Seven Mighty Rays will shine on us

we could only walk with God without the lust

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Kuf, The pumpkin, the Sun

reminds that the monkey mind is having fun

Our real being don't need reasoning

but the Song of Songs to sing

woman reflects humility, patience and charity

man honor, truth and reliability 

together they form the Perfect Matrimony

and manifest the true love ceremony

Love does not seek security nor comfort

Love only gives, inspiration and support

Nature works as a pendulum

the more desire and pleasure - the more pain will come

The Arcanum nineteenth science

 is the couple's great alliance

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Reish, symbolising the head

trumpet sounds resurrect the dead

three times to wake up and leave old behind

for that we need to abandon covetousness and turn into kind

don't spill the cup of Hermes if you wish to be born again

descend within your mind and end the Pharaoh's reign

Recognise your own nothingness

this is the first step creating the Golden Child of fullness

We need to work with staff and axe

in darkness takes place the sacred acts

hell was made because of love

there shall no sign be given, but the sign of the Prophet Dove

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Shin, the candelabrum of three lights

Transmutation takes you through spiritual nights

the Fool drags with him the bag full of trash

the Warrior sets it on fire, and is left with the ash

Each time the defect is burned

new mantra, password or cosmic idea will be learned

Three visible, one invisible

are seen for those who enter in to indivisible

Don't answer the three traitor's call

know deeply, be a tree in the midst of them all

Blue, yellow, red are burning in the flame

to water the flower of intelligence ought to be your aim

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Tav, the Seal of creation, truth and God

the crown of life makes us awed

Purification, illumination, perfection to pass

when we want to get to the Master's class

Don't waste your hundred eight returns

to enter into the Kingdom of Human being is your concern

The path takes us through several ordeals of Direne

you fall back to beginning when giving the Manna of God to Siren

We can build New Jerusalem within

following ten commandments and connecting two skins

Tarot begins and ends with Tav

Good luck walking the path of the Razor's Edge

carring in mind the cross of Tau

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Ace of Cups, the mystical waters

mermaids, undines, the sea daughters

amplify the dreams and make it real

to touch heart to heart and soul to soul, is the deal

Their teaching is to admire life and sense the wonder

to be free, yet choosing to fuse as one in love, in thunder

the depth of love is to join with the divine

leave the humanity, limitations and die

oneness with the Universe is an inner state of awareness

overcome the challenge of the mind and dive into rareness

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Ace of Wands, division by air

be aware, meeting sylph is rare

open your mind and let go the laughter

that's how you learn to know what's hereafter

The air gifts the skill to reflect

mind like a crystal ball, pure and perfect

breathing is the most magical action

knowing it, the life changes into sweet satisfaction

the song of the wind brings us notes and tones

so the music can be born in our homes

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Ace of Pentacles, the earth's unity

gnomes are hardworking for the community

learning their inner silence and wisdom

the health and vitality blossoms in your kingdom

to feel oneness with mountain's solidity

hands you the keys of incredible stability

the diamond within you starts shining like Sun

when you sincerely connect with your loved one

The Earth is the mother who nurtures the spirit

feel her heart and gain love with our limit

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Ace of Swords, the fire expanding

the will of salamanders is outstanding

if you wish to communicate with them

resolve the conflicts between love, power and wisdom within

Magic is the lighting force unleashed

if you wish to awaken you need to control the beast

Ecstasy of fire creates from out of itself

you gain flames approval for knowing thyself

Ignis is one component for true freedom

together with aqua they beat the inner evil

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