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I know a magical trick
if I close my eyes and will make a pick
a vision of water in front of me
and I being lighthouse singing to the sea
the melody translates to light
my words bring back the sight
to see abyss, seamonsters and shore
giving willpower to dive to our deepest core
Lighting up my spine,
dissolving all that used to be mine
just bright, unified field
drop on the sea - becomes one concious shield
and when I open my eyes
vision changes, but I remember the tides.
Now the waters are living in me
may my eyes become Lighthouse to the sea.

The more I realize the strings
the more my soul starts to sing
I don't mind being puppet for Divine
when while playing I learn the mysteries of number 9
Completion, initiation, old and wise
Gray becomes the teacher - not to favor, not to despise
Inverted nine takes me to the Eden
Great work through lovers will say The End


Amused by the vivid windows and doors

around the corner I find the new course

The path is to bring myself back to the present

Oh Essence comeback, where did you went?

The Essence needs space, so I need to tidy my rooms

there are lot of people who make the place doomed

So one by one I ask them to leave

some hide them, I light the dark spots with the beam

The rooms will be clean

filled with heavenly aromas

so My Essence can come and feel the joy 

Can I look at you and cry invisible tears

can I look at you and see my dark twin laugh

can I look at you  and bow on your greatness

can I look at you and dissolve into oneness

can I look at you  and realise it all - the stars, the trees, the monkey tricks and reflections on the lake

can I look at you  and wake from the dream

can I look at you  and feel presence

can I look at you  and heal my doubts

can I look at you  and look at myself


The magician came into my life

and showed me a tree what decrypt glyph

suddenly eight is not just a number

and shield and spear change into wonder

He enchanted my doubts and fears away

now I swim and dance in the Love bay

the sharks in the place are teaching awareness

the seagulls are flying and singing of fairness

and I am sailing with the magician

around us holy waters, within the fire and clear mission

hey heart follows his voice, 

that is for sure the higher choice 

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